Sunday Supper

So far, my favorite aspect of this project has been digging up all the ‘history’ (boxes and bins of pictures & letters) and asking my Dad lots and lots of questions. I am lucky, because out of all the grandchildren I probably got to spend the most time with Grammie. She came to live with us in Virginia, from 1992 until 1995, and looked after my brother and I. It’s funny the things your brain holds on to, but I remember she always cooked supper on Sunday’s in the late afternoon. (Usually around 4:00 pm or so) I remember one such supper specifically, she had cooked ham with rich buttery rolls and peas. I remember right before dinner started my {Aunt} Loretta called, and sitting on the stool under the CORDED phone in the kitchen to talk to her. For me, this is how I remember Sunday Supper- spending time as a family eating a really great meal and sharing stories and time with one another….and talking to {Aunt} Loretta & {Aunt} Suzie on the phone!

To pay tribute to this, I’ve decided each Sunday to share a story or tid bit about Grammie in honor of Sunday Supper.

“Alexandra” and Grammie at {Aunt} Suzie’s wedding, April 30, 1994.

Who else remembers how hard it was for Grammie to pick out a dress? But gosh she looked great in this aqua colored gem that she finally settled on!


3 Responses to “Sunday Supper”

  1. dishinwithedna Says:

    I’ll come for Sunday Supper/Dinner whatever you want to call it. Let me know what your cooking and a time…..maybe your boys should take this journey with me and TRY everything I cook? That could be interesting… (As a side note, I’m forcing myself to try everything….including those stuffed mushrooms from the other night!)

  2. Mary-Jo Says:

    I picked out that dress at Lord and Taylor’s Tysons corner. Left to her own shopping, I’m not sure what she would have worn, maybe a jogging suit.

  3. Suzie Says:

    Sunday dinner was served mid to late afternoon. There was no lunch and no supper, only dinner! I wish my boys would get used to that way of eating.

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