Boston Baked Beans

Being that Grammy was from the Boston area, I wonder why I can’t locate a “Boston Baked Beans” recipe?  (As I type this, I know that someone will ultimately comment that she did have one- or tell me that she was satisfied with beans from a can. Either way, this recipe seems much TOO divine to pass up and not share with you!)

I’ve loved to cook for a long time (And {Dad} has always had a messy kitchen to prove it) but the world of blogging, more specifically food blogging, has opened up an entire new world of opportunities for my cooking delights. Additionally, having friends at Alpha Tau who enjoy cooking as much as I do, and cook with me has made it that much more fun. But The Pioneer Woman is a new delightful find and her blog is just so much fun.

She recently posted this recipe for Boston Baked Beans, which made me think of {Dishin’ with Edna} and all those canned beans we ate with ham how wonderful they would be with a Ham dinner. It also made me covet a Bean Pot. How can I not have one?

Here’s the link to the recipe. I will certainly be making this recipe soon and will share my thoughts!

Next up are Stuffed Mushrooms! Just need to edit the photos and type the recipe for you!


4 Responses to “Boston Baked Beans”

  1. dishinwithedna Says:

    That is excellent news, because that is exactly how I plan to prepare them. I bought the salt pork tonight (Only $1.69!!) and The beans (1.17!!) I showed some self control and didn’t buy myself the Cuisnart dutch oven pot at TJ Maxx (since that is probably more practical than a special bean pot), even though I really wanted to. I figure I can use a baking ban and a double layer of tin foil for my first go of it.

  2. Dad Says:

    I think Gramma Josie did have a special pot for her baked beans. She cooked them for hours and I was the one who wouldn’t eat them because I prfeferred “Friends” canned beans. I remember she started by soaking the white beans for a long time before putting them in the pot with the molasses, brown sugar and pork rind. They then simmered for several hours.

  3. dishinwithedna Says:

    You’re telling me she didn’t have a baking dish that could go in the oven to make baked beans?

  4. Mary-Jo Says:

    Gramma Josie made the boston baked beans, but she didn’t need a special pot for them.

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