Grammie, this is when I need your wit….

In case there are any of you reading that aren’t related to me (or practically related to me), let me introduce you to Rocco. He is the worlds absolute greatest dog, and I say this with confidence as I have another dog, Harley, who I love dearly but he still has a lot to learn from Rocco. (And while Rocco isn’t perfect, he is perfect for me and has been by my side through thick and thin since my junior year of college. He also practically potty trained himself, which is proving to be the single most challenging thing to train Harley, so I’m appreciative of that. Also, he lets me sleep as long as I want in the morning NEVER whining to go out, as long as I’m sleeping, he is too)

Anyways, Rocco has a small problem right now:

He has something going on with his eye. It’s all red and irritated.(It looks worse in person) A few days ago he had a pimply looking thing, which I used a tea bag as a compress and wiped his eye. It seemed to go away. Until tonight when his eye is all red and swollen. Grammie wasn’t one who was much for sentimentalities with animals. (Who remembers the Kelsey and White’s Bakery moment?) And she probably would have told me something like, “Oh, for the love of Pete he’s fine. I swear that dog goes to the doctor more than I do and I’m an old lady” And while that isn’t exactly true, especially since our “in network” vet is 45 minutes away…..well it takes more than just a pimply looking something to make the drive. (And yes I just used the term “in network” in reference to my dogs healthcare. Just trust me, it’s cheaper than paying for everything out of pocket)

Well greatest dog let me flush his eye with water and examine his eye fully. I’m 99% sure he probably scratched his eye because the pimply looking something was irritating him and now its inflamed his eye lid. And I’m going to New York for the day tomorrow, and I’m all worried about his eye. Worried enough that I might ask someone else to make the 45 minute drive to the vet with him, just so I can have an answer tomorrow and be at peace. And this is when Grammie would say: “You’re taking the chinese bus to New York? Well good luck with that….. and stop being such a pansy about the dog. You’re being a hypochondriac…about a dog.” (But he’s a dog I really, really, love)

P.S.- If you leave mean comments, I will delete them. I have that sort of power around here. 🙂


5 Responses to “Grammie, this is when I need your wit….”

  1. dishinwithedna Says:

    What bad habits has Harley learned from Rocco? Did you not read the part about not writing anything m.e.a.n.! And yes, I’ve lived to tell about my experiences on the Fung Wah bus.

  2. Mary-Jo Says:

    Grammies always right. The dog will live. I think Harley has learned some of his worse habits from Rocco. The chinese bus thank god you made it back, those buses have the worst driving record. Just for the record, I believe the mushroom recipe was your fathers. As I distinctly remember one year looking for challots in the local stop and shop and no one especially ma really knew what they were.

  3. Suzie Says:

    Mean comment… disturbing to see pictures of your dogs pimply eye on recipe/cooking/food blog page 🙂

  4. Dad Says:

    Harley probably did it.

  5. Jean A Says:

    Mean comments? Never… I LOVE Rocco too! Hope he improves. xo

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