Sunday Supper

Name that baby….

If you guessed {Dad} AKA Howard Swinimer, you’re right!

In honor of Dad’s 62nd Birthday, this coming Wednesday, January 20. I decided to post about him and his baby picture! What a cutie right? This was a really fun find, but the real gem was the photo behind this smiling, happy photo….

Yup. They printed the grumpy pic too- and he still makes that same face!

All I can think of are the thousands of pictures like this we will never again see because of digital photography and our ability to see the photo and delete it before printing. I think we should keep the less than perfect photo’s too, they help in telling the story.

Happy Birthday {Dad}!

Want to really make his day? Click above to send him a Happy Birthday Howard email! That’ll really put a pep in his step and keep the grumpy face at bay!

P.S. No one noticed that I missed posting Sunday Supper last week! Whoops! I realized on Monday I had forgotten- probably because I had just gotten back home and things were hectic etc. and never had a chance to sit down with the scanner, until I realized we would just have to skip last week and realize that this is real life and things can’t be perfect.


4 Responses to “Sunday Supper”

  1. dishinwithedna Says:

    HAHAHA Dad!

  2. dishinwithedna Says:

    Didn’t you read this post?

    It’s all explained there!

  3. Suzie Says:

    Where’s supper?

  4. Dad Says:

    That’s not a grumpy face. It’s a wise beyond my days face.

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