Internet Circa 1995

I can’t remember the internet before 1996. That probably sounds ridiculous, but that was when we got our first computer and AOL dial up service. (Which {Dad} loved so much he held on to until 2009…..And still won’t let go of his aol email address) But I digress. {Grammie} passed away in the fall of 1995. And my knowledge of computers started here…

And ended here:

(That’s Oregon Trail for you non-80’s kids)

It shouldn’t be a surprise then, that I have no earthly idea what Grammie thought of computers or would think of the internet as we know it today. Or how this little project is even feasible without a good old fashioned type writer and postage stamp. (Gram, that’s “snail mail” these days..) It also shouldn’t be a surprise that while I consider myself decently computer literate (I was keyboarding student of the year in 7th Grade..) I know zero about building a website, hosting, or CSS. (And I totally wish I did. Darn you Algonkian for not being more computer savvy when I was there and offering more than just Oregon Trail and Number Crunchers.) But thankfully, with sites like you don’t need an abundance of knowledge, as long as you can follow along with their guides (which is much like cooking and following a recipe)

And while I love anything for free (like this current blog) sometimes you have to upgrade. And in order to do any personalization to WordPress, you have to self host. So for $15 I can edit away and have access to 1,000’s of free wordpress themes and my own .com. So I spent 3 hours last night setting up the site. It’s no where near being done, and until it is done I will keep posting here. But I just didn’t want you thinking I was sitting around ignoring this project- I just haven’t been in the kitchen working on it! But I’m going to make something tomorrow- I’m thinking cream cheese brownies)


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