Sunday Supper

It’s another birthday themed Sunday Supper post, and a little late because I was off skiing with {Evan} yesterday and then when I got home to post this little delight, WordPress wasn’t cooperating.

Gram and I celebrating a birthday. Who’s digging that sexy ice skating outfit I’m wearing?

(And Grammie is definitely telling the cameraman something)

According to {Evan} I am now officially an adult. Yup, when I turned 21 he told me I wouldn’t really be an adult until I was 25. At the time it seemed like eons away, to both me, and him I’m sure. But here I am in the quarter century club. And for this birthday, I’m going to take advice from the card {Dad} sent me:

“Daughter, If I were your age again, I’d spend a lot less time examining what’s wrong about me, and a lot more time enjoying what’s right about me. Because you know what? You’re already perfect enough. So, live life on your own terms. Be who you are and love what you love. Reserve the right to be wrong. If things take an occasional turn you hadn’t planned on, don’t be tempted to call it a mistake. Just call it life, and tuck the experience in your back pocket for safe-keeping. Pretty soon you can take it out, share it with someone else, and call it wisdom. I’m not kidding. That’s how it works. So, hey-enjoy the life you’re in. Be as happy as you can be. And feel how deeply and completely you are loved. Always loved.”

And that, my friends, was just about the most perfect message I could have received. Because the truth is, if you had asked me 7 years ago, or even  2 years ago where I would be at age 25 my current path is not where I would have predicted to find myself. But, I’m enjoying where I’m at. And not worrying about where I’m going so much as enjoying the path that gets me there.

Thanks for being part of that journey with me.


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