It all began when {Aunt} Mary-Jo suggested I use my new adobe program to create a cookbook of all Grammie’s recipe’s for the family. Sounded like a good idea to me, so I asked for the recipes. {Aunt} Suzie thought she had the recipes, I looked for them the Monday after Thanksgiving 2009 but had to hurry back to New Hampshire and couldn’t wait for her to return and help me look.

So I moved on and figured it would have to be a project for next year.

But I couldn’t just let it be. I had a little itch in the back of my brain. And I got to thinking (and talking) about what a fun little project this really would be. I talked to Suzie who said it might be a good idea to talk to {Aunt} Loretta because there were definitely some directions that weren’t included in the recipes.

That night, it came to me: Spend the next year blogging about all of Grammie’s recipes, test them out, and share my suggestions and advice for each recipe.

I secured the recipes:

Grammie's Ziploc Baggie of Recipe Goodness!

I headed home to Virginia for the Holidays, and started working on my project. So far, everyone seems to like the idea of the project and are even offering recipes not included in that stuffed bag! What luck!

(And yes, this little project likely itched at my brain courtesy of my recent reading and viewing of Julie & Julia…)


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Britain @ Simply Southern Says:

    such a fun project.. love love it!

  2. Patti & Mark Says:

    Mark has some in the old cookbooks ( handwritten )

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